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ESSENZ - Mundus Numen (CD box) on sale

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  • Label: Svart Records

    Genre: Metal (Dark Metal)

    Format: CD

ESSENZ - Mundus Numen (CD box)
The groundbreaking 2nd ESSENZ album on gatefold vinyl with a massive poster. Available on standard black and limited grey vinyl. 
To dissolve and control content and shape: To extuingish manic spirits and observe the one-armed bride. This is the work of spectral will and taking possession of the world. Be prepared for MUNDUS NUMEN, the second album of Occult Metal band ESSENZ.

Mundus Numen: The acquisition of ones deepest will, which enables to transform the world from an instance to a suggestible setting. A manic boundary experience.

1. Extinguish Shapes
2. Sea of Light: Pleroma
3. Extricate Spirits: Amor
4. Observed by Spectres: Paranoia
5. Observing Spectres: Schizophrenia
6. To The Bone: Mania