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ES - Kesamaan Lapset (digi) on sale

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  • Label: Fonal

    Genre: Experimental (Drone/Soundscape)

    Format: CD

ES - Kesamaan Lapset (digi)
This is Fonal label-head and filmmaker Sami Sänpäkkilä's fifth solo album under the name Es. Recorded during a 3-year period, it is a mixture of pop and sacred soundscapes with influences varying from contemporary indie-rock to ancient classical music. The name translates to "The Children Of The Summerland," and is an homage to Finnish cult folk legend Pekka Streng's album Kesämaa ("Summerland"), which is one of the artist's favorite Finnish albums ever made. Various quirky instrumentation is used on Kesämaan Lapset; from high-end analog synthesizers and upright pianos to cheap flea market Casios. A few special guests make an appearance on this record, including Laura Laurila (violin), Tuomas Eriksson (Risto) (trombone) and Elissa Määttänen (vocals). On "Ennen Oli Huonommin," squiggling, rapid-fire synth noises battle a chorus of angels against a droning and static-y backdrop. On "Haamut Sun Sydämestä," high-pitched cries ride on top of a melancholy piano line, while what seems like thousands of pitched-shifted orchestras and bleeps multiply and rise atonally. The title track is a stunning, epic drone-piece with chanting vocals in a golden forest of sound: strings and horn lines, sinuous, ethereal synths and organ mantras. Recorded at home in the bedroom and abroad on various travels, Es has crafted a haunting summer album that evokes a strange, nostalgic, visceral response, like gazing at childhood photographs.

01. Ennen Oli Huonommin
02. Kesa Ja Hymyilevat Huulet
03. Sateet Sun Sielusta
04. Kesamaan Lapset
05. Haamut Sun Sydamesta