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ENVENOMIST - The Helix (slip) on sale

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  • Label: Killer Pimp

    Genre: Experimental (Drone/Soundscape)

    Format: CD

ENVENOMIST - The Helix (slip)
One of the most interesting realities of US dark ambient/death industrial scene, combining low-rumbling drones with extemporaneous noise bursts to create a pretty personal and recognizable sound. Columbus, Ohio-based David Reed has been recording music under various monikers since the year 2000. Envenomist is sourced solely using synthesiers to produce dark ambience heavily influenced by Maurizio Bianchi while bringing a lot of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze into the mix. He is also a member of Starlight Fleecing with Larry Marotta and Ryan Jewell. Other activities include playing in the Larry Marotta Group, the Avant Collective, and as part of the Rocco DiPietro Ensemble. The Helix was recorded over the fall and winter of 2007. Using analogue synthesizers as the sound source, the intent was to create a series of transmissions from space. Not in the narrative sense, rather as a series of abstracted visions or moods from a lone traveler attempting to come to grips with the sublime.


01. The 11th Hour
02. Heptadecagon
03. Final Frontier
04. Gyres
05. Bestowal