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DORO - Calling The Wild on sale

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  • Label: SteamHammer

    Genre: Metal (Power Metal)

    Format: CD

DORO - Calling The Wild
Reissue of 'Calling The Wild', the seventh solo album from German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch, originally released in 2000. 'Love Me Forever' is a cover of Motörhead's song from their 1991 album '1916', while 'White Wedding' is a cover of Billy Idol's hit single from 1982. This edition includes bonus tracks.

1. Kiss Me Like A Cobra
2. Dedication
3. Burn It Up
4. Give Me Your Reason
5. Who You Love
6. Scared
7. Ich Will Alles
8. White Wedding
9. I Wanna Live
10. Love Me Forever
11. Fuel
12. Constant Danger
13. Black Rose
14. Now Or Never
15. Danke