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DIAPSIQUIR - A.N.T.I. on sale

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  • Label: Necrocosm

    Genre: Metal (Industrial Death/Black)

    Format: CD

For those unfamiliar, Diapsiquir is a French duo whose music is typically classified as industrial black metal or experimental black metal, but those feeble descriptors don’t even begin to do justice to the musical cluster-fuck that is A.N.T.I.; an album where the most meager hints of black metal collide with industrial/electronic music, punk/hardcore, hip hop and whatever else Toxik and SXC feel like throwing into the mix. It’s a schizophrenic sonic brew that takes numerous listens to adjust to; songs change direction with seemingly no warning, let alone any rhyme or reason, sound piles upon sound piles upon sound, ad infinitum.

So what is it about A.N.T.I. that characterizes the dark side of urban existence? In short: everything. As you listen to the album, there seem to be a hundred different noises fighting to be heard at any given time; a hundred voices shouting over each other in the maelstrom. Every few minutes something new and unexpected happens; sometimes that something is a pleasant surprise, but it’s more often jarring and violent and completely fucked up. It is crowded and dense and beautiful and ugly and sinister… if these things don’t describe life in a major city (at least based upon my admittedly limited experience) then I don’t know what does. - That's How Kids

1 Ωlow 5:03
2 Peste 5:23
3 Fuel 2:05
4 A.N.T.I. 5:24
5 Ennui 6:26
6 Avant 5:06
7 Fais-Le 5:36
8 Seul 7:09
9 Jet 1:06
10 Kmkz 6:30
11 Абcoлютний 0:36
12 A.M.A.C.C. 7:05
13 Outro 1:25