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DEPARTURE CHANDELIER - The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War (Cassette) on sale

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  • Label: Tour De Garde

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: Cassette

DEPARTURE CHANDELIER - The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War (Cassette)
Debut demo of Napoleonic Black Metal inspired by the cruelty of French history and the illuminating powers of death, highly recommended! Members of Akitsa and Ash Pool.

"Departure Chandelier are a purposefully mysterious group. In keeping with black metal tradition, the pseudonyms given for the musicians leave little hint as to the actual identities of the members. According to their page on the Encyclopedia Metallum, they've got members of Ash Pool and Akitsa, which should instantly tell you the high quality black metal contained in this tape. Presented here are two tracks of perfectly executed atmospheric black metal with ominous ambient pieces serving as bookends to this excellent demo. While some bands' production level is simply lower as a matter of cost, the murky production on this album serves to add a foggy beauty to the captivating music created here. Given the high production standards of the aforementioned Ash Pool, it's quite obvious that this is an intentional artistic choice, and it serves this piece of art quite nicely. Preceded an ominous drone of bells, the title track is one of the most addictive black metal pieces I've ever heard, with certain passages equally memorable as any riff from the legendary second wave black metal groups. It opens with haunting keyboards and jagged guitars that call to mind a slower-paced version of In the Nightside Eclipse-era Emperor. That's a huge claim to make, I'm aware, but this totally capture the same sense of awe I felt when I first heard that album. The harsh production and the simple yet gorgeous music perfectly sum up what drew me into black metal: the beauty behind the chaos. If you're a bit patient, one of the catchiest keyboard lines I've heard pops up around six minutes in. I'm a sucker for a great melody, and these guys definitely deliver. The third track (and second full song), "Consecrating the Flame of Resistance," is equally brilliant. It's a bit more aggressive and faster paced, but still has some incredibly wonderful melodic moments as well. While two tracks is a bit short for an album, this demo clocks in at just under twenty minutes and is the perfect introduction to an amazing band." -

A1 Intro: Candle Below The Rope
A2 The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War B1 Consecrating The Flame Of Resistance
B2 Outro: The Imperial Candle