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DENOUNCEMENT PYRE - Almighty Arcanum on sale

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  • Label: Hells Headbangers

    Genre: Metal (Black Metal)

    Format: CD

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE - Almighty Arcanum
"After 10 years of underground darkness, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE continue their ascent up the throne of Luciferian supremacy with Almighty Arcanum. The Aussie veterans' second full-length after their lauded World Cremation debut, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE's Almighty Arcanum is a veritable abyss of fiery, blackened death metal, but now sharper and more focused than ever. Total Darkness. Total Death. The unification of all that was, is, and will be: await Almighty Arcanum..."

1.Intro: Breath of Tehom 01:47 2.An Extension of the Void 07:15 3.Almighty Arcanum 04:23 4.He Who Conquers All 04:39 5.The Deceiver 04:11 6.Drakon: All Is One 01:29 7.Circle of Serpents 04:59 8.Darkness Manifest 06:45 9.The Redeemer 07:14