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DEAD LETTER CIRCUS - The Catalyst Fire (Bonus Tracks) on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Metal (Progressive Metal)

    Format: CD

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS - The Catalyst Fire (Bonus Tracks)

Dead Letter Circus are unlike any rock band to emerge in years. Part of the beauty of the soaring, sing-a-long choruses, chiming atmospherics and delay soaked tones of Dead Letter Circus is their escape from easy classification via labels or scenes. Comprising of 14 tracks, the album marks a clear progression of the traditional DLC sound, while retaining the energy and intensity they are known and loved for. Each pre-order includes the Ful Digital Album emailed to you on Street date, as well as the 5 track digital album sampler upon purchase!!

01. The Cure
02. Alone Awake
03. Burning Man
04. Lodestar
05. I Am
06. Say Your Prayers
07. The Veil
08. Insider
09. Lost Without Leaders
10. Stand Apart
11. Kachina

Bonus Tracks:
12. I Am (acoustic bonus track)
13. Lodestar (acoustic bonus track)
14. Wake Up (bonus track)