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CARDINALS FOLLY - Such Power Is Dangerous! on sale

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  • Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

    Genre: Metal (Doom Metal)

    Format: CD

CARDINALS FOLLY - Such Power Is Dangerous!
Coming out of Finland, these guys have being churning out Doom Metal pretty quietly since their days when they were "THE COVEN". When they changed their name to CARDNIALS FOLLY and put out the "Orthodox Faces" EP, that's where I think they hit their stride. This is their first full length album after basically putting out 4 EPs under both band names. It's a monster of an album, easily a double LP if it ever comes out on wax. Their style is taken from likes of WITCHFINDER GENERAL and their local home town friends, REVEREND BIZARRE. 

1. The Hammer Speaks
2. Such Power Is Dangerous!
3. Valkyries I Avenge
4. The Spear Of Destiny
5. Antediluvian Dreams
6. Uncharted Seas
7. The Secret War