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CHURCH OF MISERY - Early Works Compilation (2CD) on sale

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  • Label: Emetic Records

    Genre: Metal (Doom Metal)

    Format: CD

CHURCH OF MISERY - Early Works Compilation (2CD)
Early Works Compilation includes all the songs that are on the band`s hard to find albums before Master Of Brutality. "Retal" is a previously unreleased song that was recorded in 2000. Compiled on two discs are 16 songs of heavy psychedelic/leaden doom rock. All songs have been remastered.

1-1   Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson) 8:19  
1-2   Road To Ruin (Charles Whitman) 7:21  
1-3   Reverend (Jim Jones) 8:34  
1-4   War Is Our Destiny 4:19  (St. Vitus cover) 
1-5   Room 213 (Jeffrey Dahmer) 5:13  
1-6   Taste The Pain (Graham Young) 6:06  
1-7   Plainfield (Ed Gein) 9:19  
1-8   In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 5:44 (Iron Butterfly cover)  
2-1   Murder Company (Henry Lee Lucas) 7:52  
2-2   Son Of A Gun (David Berkowitz) 9:06  
2-3   Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez) 5:03  
2-4   Sick Of Living (Zodiac) 6:36  
2-5   Come Touch The Sky 2:57  (Trouble cover)
2-6   Accident 4:03  (Black Widow cover)  
2-7   Chains Of Death 5:27 (Death ss cover)     
2-8   Retal (Howard Unruh) 3:32