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CABARET VOLTAIRE - Red Mecca (LP + CD) on sale

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  • Label: Mute

    Genre: Experimental (Darkwave)

    Format: Vinyl

Mute are re-issuing the iconic album on vinyl, for the first time since 1990, remastered by mastering engineer extraordinaire Stefan Betke, who also worked with artists and producers such as Vince Clarke and Martin L Gore (VCMG) and The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry.

Originally released in September 1981, Red Mecca is referred to as one of Cabaret Voltaire's most cohesive and brilliant records. The record contains all the characteristics that have made the Sheffield group such an influential entity when it comes to electronic music that isn't afraid to shake its tail a little.

Red Mecca describes the desolate Margaret Thatcher years, its destitute soundscapes evoke an economy spiraling out of control, blatant class discrimination, and mass closure of the industries of the North. It is an album that deals with more than just a touch of evil, more directly expressing all that is and was evil about the society in which these musicians lived.

1. A Touch of Evil
2. Sly Doubt
3. Landslide
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Red Mask
6. Split Second Feeling
7. Black Mask
8. Spread the Virus
9. A Touch of Evil (Reprise)