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BRENDAN PERRY - Ark (Limited 2LP) on sale

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  • Label: The End

    Genre: Rock (Alternative Rock)

    Format: Vinyl

BRENDAN PERRY - Ark (Limited 2LP)
Brendan Perry released his latest solo album entitled Ark in June 2011. Vinyl180 is set to release the vinyl edition of this work as a double LP set pressed on 180g vinyl and packaged in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve. 

Ark is more reminiscent of the music Brendan has written for Dead Can Dance than his previous solo work, Eye Of The Hunter. Two of the tracks, Babylon and Crescent, were originally composed for the Dead Can Dance reunion tour of 2005. A truly independent effort on his part, Brendan has written, performed, recorded and produced all of the compositions herein. The working process for this album was more akin to that of an artisan overseeing the entire creative process from start to finish.
Ark comprises eight original compositions that explore the recurring themes of identity, alienation, war, political corruption and the threat that we as a species now pose to our environment.
Despite the dystopian themes that pervade the album, there are also expressions of great hope and optimism for a better world to be found within the subtext of the songs. For an ark, as well as being a refuge from the world’s harsher realities, is also a vehicle for regeneration and renewal. Ark is not a concept album in the traditional sense of the term, but rather a series of sustained observations and commentaries on the human condition. 


Our remaining copies have seam splits on the covers, so the price has been reduced.