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BONG - Beyond Ancient Space (import 2LP) on sale

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  • Label: Ritual Productions

    Genre: Metal (Stoner/Doom)

    Format: Vinyl

BONG - Beyond Ancient Space (import 2LP)
As with all their music be it live performance or studio recordings, Beyond Ancient Space follows the same ritualistic path, that is to say the songs are all mesmerising meditative jams centered around an unfurling guitar riff and gelled by spaced-out drum beats, the occasional crashing cymbals and Dave Terry’s distinctive vocal style. Once again Bong are shunning any overdubs and keep the post-production to a minimum. The resulting sound is as deeply hypnotic as ever before and presents Bong at their most prolific, particularly on songs such as ‘Across The Time-stream’ and ‘Onward To Perdondaris’ which surpass even the highest of expectations.

01. Onward to Perdóndaris 25:33
02. Across the Timestream 25:03
03. In the Shadow of the Towers 29:15