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BARRA XUL - In Darkness We Wait on sale

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  • Label: CDN Records

    Genre: Metal (Tech Metal)

    Format: CD

BARRA XUL - In Darkness We Wait
Rising from the ashes of Cephalectomy, comes horrorgrind "Barra Xul". Biography Corey Andrews, best known for his recording project "Cephalectomy" brings forth his new recording project "Barra Xul". Musically, this project is very similar to Cephalectomy but will be completely horror based, rather then focusing on mysticism. It is a blend of various styles of metal, creating an unpredictable whirlwind of chaos and intensity, while still incorporating melody and groove. With this new project, bassist Scott Armstrong also crosses over from the realm of Cephalectomy to unleash his unique style, adding another dimension of dynamics to the songs like only he can. Conjuring into the mix is vocalist, Raland Kinley, best known for his work in Select and Dismember, Dichotic, and guest vocals on Cephalectomy's releases. Raland will share vocal duties with Corey to bring some extra low end sickness into the mix.

1. Imitating Infection
2. The Lament Configuration
3. Illusion of Murder
4. Nyturan Demonta
5. Submit to Authority
6. Resonating Darkness