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ASG - Win Us Over (colored LP) on sale

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  • Label: Relapse

    Genre: Rock (Stoner Rock)

    Format: Vinyl

ASG - Win Us Over (colored LP)
Amplification of Self Gratification's (ASG) newest album is a vivid, psychedelic, and panoramic thrust that is just as much for the ears as it is for the aura. Big beefy guitar riffs and melodic foreboding are soaked in Southern roadhouse whiskey. While the ingredients of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and angst-ridden punk rock are transparent, ASG doesn't fit in any particular category. "Far more pummeling than anything on the last Queens Of The Stone Age album - or Iron Maiden album, for that matter. It's big rock guitars for those who like big rock guitars, all day and all night. Count me in" - Decibel Magazine.

01. Right Death Before
02. Dream Song
03. Low End In Sight
04. Glow
05. Coffee Depression Sunshine
06. The Dull Blade
07. Ballad Of Richard K.
08. Taking Me Over
09. A Number To Murder Two
10. Gallop Song
11. Palm Springs
12. Win Us Over
13. Bombs Away