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ARCHAGATHUS - Mincecore Fever: 7" Anthology 2005 - 2010 on sale

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  • Label: Haunted Hotel Records

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Crust)

    Format: CD

ARCHAGATHUS - Mincecore Fever: 7" Anthology 2005 - 2010
A collection of this Canadian mincecore hordes's songs from 7 inches from 2005 - 2010!  40 monster hits, and enough crossed out music notes to satisfy even the most posed up listener.

A1 Bullfighter
A2 Intimidating Validator
A3 Untrustworthy Physician
A4 Raw Deal
A5 Slaughter-Extinction
A6 Been Mincin'
A7 Abusive Authority
A8 Throat Shovers
A9 Idiotic Public Figure
A10 Dance Hall Derelict
A11 Horrible Smell
A12 Ratatosk 2
A13 Terrible Human
A14 Scientist Fools
A15 Unreasonable Instigator
A16 Poor Treatment
A17 Hellish Fury Unleashed
A18 Of Mince And Men
A19 Disgruntled Insincerity
A20 Crazy Situation
B1 Ratatosk
B2 Land Of Filth
B3 No Help
B4 Grotesque Maniac
B5 Vomiting Idiocy
B6 Who Do You Believe?
B7 Horrible Disease
B8 Hallucinating Maniac
B9 Enough Already?
B10 Hey Agathocles
B11 An Interview
B12 Sad Monkey
B13 Sleazy Existence
B14 Fuckin' Ebola
B15 Injected With Syphilis
B16 Real Fancy
B17 Russian Roulette (Rot)
B18 Sick Life
B19 Who Fucks
B20 Snacks?