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APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Soli Deo Gloria (2LP) on sale

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  • Label: Hammerheart

    Genre: Experimental (Darkwave)

    Format: Vinyl

Reissue of this classic debut from Norway's premiere EBM/darkwave group on vinyl in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve!

A1 Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 1) 1:31
A2 Bitch 4:24
A3 Burnin' Heretic (Album Version) 5:34
A4 Stitch 3:07
B1 Walk With Me 1:40
B2 Backdraft 4:20
B3 Arp (808 Edit) 2:09
B4 Spiritual Reality 4:40
C1 Skyscraping (Schizophreniac) 7:13
C2 All Tomorrows Parties 5:07
C3 The Sentinel 1:13
C4 Ashes To Ashes '93 4:18
C5 Like Blood From The Beloved (Part 2) 1:53
D1 Burnin' Heretic (Rock Furore Version) 5:34
D2 Electronic Warfare (Full Speed Ahead Version) 4:55
D3 Arp (Lo-Fi Version)