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  • Label: Hammerheart

    Genre: Experimental (Darkwave)

    Format: Vinyl

Proving that unbridled aggression isn't always needed to effectively get one's point across in industrial dance music, Norway's Apoptygma Berzerk take a melodic, almost synth-pop-like approach on their second full-length, 7. This domestic issue of an album originally released in Europe in 1996 proves a great introduction to the thoughtful music of Stephan Groth (a.k.a. Grothesk). "Love Never Dies" establishes the gothic tone of the disc, starting things off with grand-guignol organ music that gives way to driving synths and beats, followed by Grothesk's unprocessed vocals and a few sampled refrains from Carmina Burana. "Mourn," a delicate, stripped-down electro track dedicated to Kurt Cobain, shows off Groth's talent for melodic songwriting, a rarity in a genre often criticized for its lack of subtlety. Other highlights include the energetic Front 242-isms of "Non-Stop Violence" and the sharp techno inflections of "Deep Red" (complete with Laibach sample!). --Steve Landau

A1 Love Never Dies - Part 1 5:27
A2 Mourn 5:33
A3 Non-Stop Violence 6:49
B1 25 Cromwell St. 4:24
B2 Rebel 5:51
B3 Deep Red 3:59
C1 Nearer 6:35
C2 Half Asleep 4:55
C3 Love Never Dies - Part 2 2:58
D1 Deep Red (Blackmail Remix) 3:25
D2 Untitled 2 6:07
D3 Mourn (APB Guitar Remix) 6:17
D4 Mourn (Lo-Fi Version) 6:39