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ANGELO BADALAMENTI & DAVID LYNCH - Twin Peaks: Music on sale

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  • Label: Absurda

    Genre: Other (Soundtrack)

    Format: CD

While the first Twin Peaks soundtrack was fairly accessible, thanks to its gothic noir-pop atmosphere (and its three Julee Cruise songs), this CD feels a little more hermetic. Its dark charms take longer to take hold, but they’re there, all right. A reworking of the show’s famous love theme opens the proceedings, and after that the album slowly builds up a unique 1950s-influenced atmosphere, sexy in a vaguely scary way. Composer Angelo Badalamenti easily moves from warped takes on Americana ("High School Swing") to blues ("Drug Deal Blues"), from laidback jazz ("Josie and Truman") to lascivious grind ("Blue Frank"). Stars Sheryl Lee and Lara Flynn Boyle contribute vocals to "Just You" (lyrics by David Lynch), possibly one of the creepiest love ballads ever recorded. Typically, a cryptic hidden track is positioned before the first one. You must press the rewind button to access it. --Elisabeth Vincentelli