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AFI - Burials (digi) on sale

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  • Label: Republic

    Genre: Hardcore/Punk (Punk)

    Format: CD

AFI - Burials (digi)
Burials began in the fall of 2011.

Portishead was playing again. The Cure stood for three nights at Pantages. Moz was at the Shrine and we were in the Hollywood Hills, writing.

The room was tiny and dark. It jutted over Sunset. The Santa Ana's breeched the cracks in the window sills. Trees enshrouded two of the low walls. Earth clung to a third. There we met every afternoon and wrote till the sun sunk into the Pacific.

Guitars reposed in cases on the thick 70's forest-green rug. The computer slept on the table that stood between the couch and the bed in which I neurosed.

Come winter, a firebug began torching the neighbors' homes. The sounds of sirens filled the air every night.

But with 2012 came further silence.

1. The Sinking Night
2. I Hope You Suffer
3. A Deep Slow Panic
4. No Resurrection
5. 17 Crimes
6. The Conductor
7. Heart Stops
8. Rewind
9. The Embrace
10. Wild
11. Greater Than 84
12. Anxious
13. The Face Beneath The Waves