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ABACINATE - Ruination on sale

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  • Label: Epitomite Productions

    Genre: Metal (Death Metal)

    Format: CD

ABACINATE - Ruination
After a well recieved EP (split with God-Rot), New Jersey's ABACINATE come back out swinging, and these tracks are bound to connect. Thick, massive production to demonstrate superb songwriting and musician-ship. A band to watch for 2008.

1. negating the omnipotence of your so called man in the sky 04:13 2. interfection 01:57 
3. the nuremberg code 04:36 
4. these things were meant to kill you 02:43 
5. she gave up the ghost 05:02 
6. delerium tremens 05:16 
7. six and eight hard (nickel each) 04:51 
8. sadist misogynist 02:04 
9. how i would have done it 05:25 
10. the vanishing will to sustain my existence