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1917 - Actum Tempus Part 2 on sale

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  • Label: Disembodied Records

    Genre: Metal (Black/Death Metal)

    Format: CD

1917 - Actum Tempus Part 2
1917 is a band from Zarate, Argentina. Was formed in mid-1994 with Alejandro (Guitar and vocals), Pansa (bass), Fernando (Drums) and Marcos (Vocals). Under the influence of various groups of heavy, thrash, black and death metal began working on his own compositions in the beginning of 1995.

01- Kondores
02- Hijos de la Contradicción
03- El Arte de Ser Decadencia
04- Fatalidad
05- Agonico Orden
06- Brotherhood Of Barbarism
07- El Beso del Verdugo
08- Shadows Of Sorrow
09- Cuervo Sin Alas
10- Tierra de Sueños Muertos
11- Luz y Abismo
12- Príncipe de los Dolidos
13- Killers
14- Bienvenido a la Nada (Live)
15- Piel de Martir, Carne de Asesino (Live)